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The office of Dr. Liang and Law Optometry is conveniently located within the HealthOne Medical Centre at the heart of North York, Ontario (three minute walk north of North York Subway Station). From routine eye exams to customized glasses prescriptions, our optometrists are armed with the knowledge and technology to provide you with optometric services at the highest of standards. It is not just about seeing clearly. It is about seeing clearly, comfortably and for a lifetime.

...optometry redefined

In today's busy world, often times you may feel as if you are being rushed through appointments and you cannot seem to find the time to have your needs addressed.

slow down. breathe

We are not your typical high volume optometrist office. Our eye doctors prefer to take the time to get to know you so we can tailor your eye exam to suit your individual needs. Lifelong management of your eyes is our top priority, and that without a doubt deserves more than fifteen minutes of your optometrist's time. We look forward to serving you and the North York community.